Poster session

Paper #  Author(s) and Title
11 Maria Vircikova, Gergely Magyar and Peter Sincak. Cloud-based Social Robot that Learns to Motivate Children as an Assistant in Back-Pain Therapy and as a Foreign-Language Tutor
12 Renée van den Heuvel, Monique Lexis and Luc de Witte. Possibilities Of The IROMEC Robot For Children With Severe Physical Disabilities
13 Jered Vroon, Jaebok Kim and Raphaël Koster. Robot Response Behaviors To Accommodate Hearing Problems
14 Roger Tilmans, Pablo Gómez Esteban, Hoang-Long Cao and Bram Vanderborght. Social and Autonomous Confabulation Architecture
17 Barbara Klein, Karin Dunkel, Sebastian Reutzel and Stefanie Selic. Suitability of a Telepresence Robot for Counseling on Home Modification and Independent Living
20 Roger Bemelmans and Luc de Witte. A Pilot Study On The Feasibility of Paro Interventions In Intramural Care For Intellectual Disabled Clients
31 Carolin Straßmann, Astrid Marieke Rosenthal-Von der Pütten and Nicole Krämer. NoAlien! Linguistic alignment with artificial entities in the context of second language acquisition
32 Beste Özcan, Gianluca Baldasarre, Maria Nicoletta Aliberti and Tania Moretta. Transitional Wearables Based on Bio-Signals to Improve Communication and Interaction of Children with Autism
35 Igor Zubrycki, Jaroslaw Turajczyk and Grzegorz Granosik. Roboterapia: an environment supporting therapists’ needs
36 Patrick Albo-Canals, Albert Valls, Vicens Casas, Olga Sans-Cope and Jordi Albo-Canals. AISOY Social Robot as a tool to learn how to code versus tangible and non-tangible approaches
49 Michael Anderson, Susan Anderson and Vincent Berenz, Ensuring Ethical Behavior from Autonomous Systems
50 Sally Grindsted Nielsen, Anja Christoffersen, Elizabeth Jochum and Zheng-Hua Tan, Robot future: using theatre to influence acceptance of care robots
51 Resheque Barua, Shimo Sraman and Marcel Heerink, Empathy, Compassion and Social Robots: an Approach from Buddhist Philosophy
52 Tecla S. Scholten, Charlotte Vissenberg and Marcel Heerink, Hygiene and the use of robotic animals: an exploration


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New Friends 2015 – The 1st international conference on social robots in therapy and education