Oral sessions

Oral sessions 1 and 2

Thursday October 22

Education & children with special needs 1
Session chairs: Joost Broekens and Rosemarijn Looije
13.30-13.35 Introduction
13.35-13.55 22 Rianne Jansens, Pedro Encarnação and Serenella Besio. LUDI: a Pan-European Network Addressing Technology to Support Play for Children with Disabilities
13.55-14.15 37 Jordi Albo-Canals, Carolina Yañez, Alex Barco, Cecilio Angulo, Marcel Heerink and Chris Rogers. Modelling Social Skills and Problem Solving Strategies used by Children with ASD through Cloud Connected Social Robots as Data Loggers: First Modelling Approach
14.15-14.35 23 Claire Huijnen, Monique Lexis and Luc de Witte. Matching Robot KASPAR To ASD Therapy And Educational Goals
14.35-14.55 27 Paul Baxter, Silviu Matu, Emmanuel Senft, Cristina Costescu, James Kennedy, Daniel David and Tony Belpaeme. Touchscreen-Mediated Child-Robot Interactions Applied to ASD Therapy
14.55-15.15 34 Alex Barco, Jordi Albo-Canals, Carles Garriga-Berga, Begoña Garcia-Zapirain and Álvaro Sánchez. LEGO robot with multitouch device connected to sensors and actuators for physical and cognitive rehabilitation in elderly people and kids with special needs
15.15-15.45 Break

Dementia, eldercare & independent living
Session chairs:  Christine Gustafsson and Lars Asplund
15.45-15.50 Introduction
15.50-16.10 3 Marcus Persson. The impact of an Interactive Robotic Cat on Dementia Caregivers’ Psychosocial Work Environment – a Pilot Study
16.10-16.30 7 Sandra Bedaf and Luc de Witte. Acceptability Of A Service Robot Which Supports Independent Living Of Elderly People
16.30-16.50 9 Tomohiro Susuzki, Sachie Yamada, Takayuki Kanda and Tatsuya Nomura. Influence of Social Avoidance and Distress on People’s Preferences for Robots as Daily Life Communication Partners
16.50-17.10 21 Martina Heinemann, Meritxell Valenti Soler and Marcel Heerink. Is it real? Dealing with an insecure perception of a pet robot in dementia care


Oral sessions 3 and 4

Friday October 23

Education & children with special needs 2
Session chairs: Jordi Albo and Alex Barco
13.15-13.20 Introduction
13.20-13.40 15 Frances Wijnen, Vicky Charisi, Daniel Davison, Jan van der Meij, Dennis Reidsma and Vanessa Evers. Inquiry learning with a social robot: can you explain that to me?
13.40-14.00 18 Jacqueline Kory Westlund, Leah Dickens, Sooyeon Jeong, Paul Harris, David Desteno and Cynthia Breazeal. A Comparison of Children Learning New Words from Robots, Tablets, & People
14.00-14.20 26 Rosemarijn Looije, Mark A. Neerincx and Johanna K. Peters. How do diabetic children react on a social robot during multiple sessions in a hospital?
14.20-14.40 30 Jacqueline Kory Westlund, Goren Gordon, Samuel Spaulding, Jin Joo Lee, Luke Plummer, Marayna Martinez, Madhurima Das and Cynthia Breazeal. Learning A Second Language with a Socially Assistive Robot
14.40-15.00 33 Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová, Elettra Oleari, Clara Pozzi, Francesca Sacchitelli, Anahita Bagherzadhalimi, Sara Bellini, Bernd Kiefer, Stefania Racioppa and Alberto Sanna. Let’s Be Friends: Perception of a Social Robotic Companion for children with T1DM
15.00-15.30 Break

Human-robot relationships
Session chairs: Claire Huijnen and Renee van den Heuvel 
15.30-15.35 Introduction
15.35-15.55 25 Maartje de Graaf. The Ethics of Human-Robot Relationships
15.55-16.15 10 Albert De Beir, Hoang-Long Cao, Pablo Gomez Esteban, Greet Van de Perre and Bram Vanderborght. Enhancing Nao Expression of Emotions Using Pluggable Eyebrows
16.15-16.35 16 Hoang-Long Cao, Pablo Gomez Esteban, Albert De Beir, Greet Van de Perre, Ramona Simut, Dirk Lefeber and Bram Vanderborght. Toward a Platform-Independent Social Behavior Architecture for Multiple Therapeutic Scenarios
16.35-16.55 28 Eduard Fosch Villaronga and Jordi Albo-Canals. Boundaries in Play-based Cloud-companion-mediated Robotic Therapies: From Deception to Privacy Concerns


New Friends 2015 – The 1st international conference on social robots in therapy and education