Company Presentations & Workshops


Robotdalen What is the key for technology to be accepted in health and elderly care?



Governments all over the world agree the technology will play a key role in addressing the challenge of ageing society. Billions of Euros are, since many years, dedicated for development of technology that will bring ease for societies when more people will require care and medical attention. Yet not many technologies are available for the users. Most of the funded projects end up as publications. It is not until a product or a service is hosted by a successful company, that solutions can be widely provided to the society.This presentation will highlight important aspects that should not be forgotten when we develop and implement technologies for for health and elderly care.
Presenting: Adam Hagman
Cinnovate Creating a world without limitations



Cinnovate: Aided by technology, Cinnovate wants to help people with disabilities live independently and without limitations, whether their disability is congenial, caused by age or an accident.

Theme: Mobility in combination with social interaction are the first steps to facilitate disabled people in doing things independently, earn their self-respect and give their personal development a boost.

Presenting: Sietse Dugour
M&I/Partners Activated and more independent clients in healthcare: insights in factors success and failure for healthcare robotics



Which factors determine the success of robotics used in healthcare? In research, carried out by Eindhoven University of Technology together with M&I/Partners, fifteen organisations were interviewed on this matter. From several cases, successful ones as well as cases where healthcare organisations only used robots for a short time, succesfactors could be derived.

Healthcare robots can play an important role in increasing the activity and autonomy levels of clients in, for example, elderly homes. In our session we share several combinations of factors that were found in the use of different types of robots. We thereby invite attenders to participate in a discussion on how beneficiary use of healthcare robots and its adoption can be increased.

Presenting: Antoon van Luxemburg
QBMT ZORA, a NAO robot used with older adults: experiences, feedback and practical considerations
 qbmt Using the robot Zora in practice with older adults has resulted a great collection of experiences and feedback from participants, caretakers and researchers. In our presentation, we’ll explain how we came to these studies, how they were set up and what we learned so far. Furthermore we share how we imagine the future in this field and we will be happy to discuss suggestions, practical, scientific and ethical issues with the audience.  zora
 Presenting: Bjorn Vanhijfte, Fabrice Goffin, Tommy Deblieck Pitfalls in collaborations between practice and academic reseach



This interactive workshop features some case studies on robots in care, where implementation of innovations appeared more challenging than expected. Essential sspects like hygiene, privacy,coverage, resistance/acceptance by staff, logistics and and user-friendliness will be addressed and attendees will be explicitly invited to share experiences.

Presenting: Tom Ederveen


New Friends 2015 – The 1st international conference on social robots in therapy and education